2015 ......Let's go !!

What an awesome start to 2015  !!!   Thanks to our friends at Mt. Calvary Presbyterian Church and West Spartanburg Baptist Church for hosting us this past weekend.   We enjoyed some great fellowship, renewed some time honored friendships and met new friends as well !!   God is good to us ALL the time :).    Hey--  we are getting reports of folks hearing our new single "He is Mine"  on the radio.  Be listening for this great new song that reminds us. ......."it's incredible, unbreakable the power of God's love. How remarkable the miracle NOTHING here can separate us. I am a child of HIS until the end of time and HE is mine ...."     Have a great week !   Watch our calendar and come see us soon.  If you don't see that we are in a church near you ,  well call us and let's make arrangements to come to YOUR church.  That's how this works ... :)     Above all, please let us know how we can pray for you !!   Love you ALL !!!

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