WOW !  It was a busy Summer for Eighth Day..... God continues to do great things within HIS ministry.  We have been very hot this summer in Roebuck. SC., so it is a welcomed relief to begin to feel the Fall air.  We had a wonderful week at NQC last week.  It's like a big ole family reunion to be with all of your friends under one roof for an entire week.  There is no SWEETER or more sincere music that Southern Gospel.  I am convinced of that !!!     Thanks to all of  the NQC staff for allowing us to participate in the 60th year Celebration.   I'm not sure that the Blackwood Brothers ever dreamed that this event would become THE benchmark, premier event for our industry.  We as a team are honored to stand on that stage and share this music that we love so much.  There are a lot of talented folks all over the world, however I am amazed that no two people or groups sound the same.  We are all unique and equipped by HIM who calls us to do HIS  good work.  May we NEVER lose sight of that...... HE is the reason we sing.  After all these years,  I am still praying that I NEVER GET OVER THE CROSS ! 

We are headed to Dollywood to sing this weekend. We will be in the ShowStreet Theater.  Come see us 10/7 and 10/8.....times will be posted.

Please let us know how we can pray for you..... I would ask that you pray specifically for Scotty.  He has been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and has begun taking some new medications.  We are praying of course for minimal side effects and that the meds slow down the effects of the disease. He is a busy, go-getter type personality....YES, Type A all the way. This diagnosis is hard on his mind as well as his joints.   We believe in you and we believe in the power of prayer !

We will continue to trust HIM as we rest in The Shadow of HIS Hand,

Scott, Joni, Derek, Steve and Monty