Hello Spring !!

WOW !  It has been an incredible year so far. Scotty and I have been busy with our work. We had been working on a project for almost 15 months and praise God it's finished !!!  I have been blessed to rejoin our church Choir and Praise Team at First Baptist Spartanburg.  You can watch those services online weekly at www.fbs.org  Amazing Pastor....Amazing leadership...Amazing worship......Awesome God !   Our oldest son got married to, a fellow Naval Officer,  Christina Pung.   We are beyond thrilled to finally have a daughter !!  Our youngest son enrolled at Notre Dame College in Cleveland OH in January.  Yea we live in SC and that is a LONGGG way from home.  We have all adjusted well and now he is preparing for final exams.  Prayers appreciated ......ha !!    Derek, Karilyn, and Weston are all doing well. Weston is growing every day and is so stinkin cute !!   Monty and his girls are doing great. His youngest daughter has been on 2 mission trips to Haiti and loves being Jesus in the flesh to those little children.  His older daughter is studying Special Education.  His wife Stacy is one of my lifelong best friends ....just love and appreciate all of our ministry team so much !!  

 We will be at Singing in the Sun next week. It's not too late to join us ......come on !!  The ocean is calling and Christ will be in the midst.  We pray you have had a wonderful Spring and Easter weekend.   HE Is risen indeed !   

Call us ....invite us ....can't wait to see you ALL !!!  

Love from all the Eighth Day gang .....?